GITA 2 Projects

These are the projects I've done this year (so far)

Russian Flag

Russian Media Influence

This site explains the complications of Russian influence in our media.


Artificial Embryos

This site talks about artificial embryos and their applications while having cool rollovers.


Business Card

This is my (fictional) business card for a fictional company I made.

collage clip art

My Collage

My collage of images is full of stuff that I like or enjoy.

leaping dog

Pet Store

This project is a simulation of an online pet store where you can buy items for your pets.


Recipe Page

This site replicates a recipe blog where I share how to make a basic French toast.


Dice Program

The site has a dice program where you can roll die and see different probabilities.

rock climbing

X-Treme Webpage

This website was an attempt to advertise coding as an extreme sport by some of my classmates and me.


Space Invaders

This site is where I use HTML5's new canvas tag to create a spaceship that moves back forth a screen.

star wars

Space Invaders 2

This time I created a basic game where you try to shoot a purple alien ship while keeping yourself safe.


Fish Aquarium

This project is one where I use arrays to create multiple fish that will get eaten by a bigger anglerfish. Doesn't accurately depict real life.


Upgraded Fish Aquarium

I added a function where you can put more fish into the aquarium from before.


Number Arrays

This project finds the largest, smallest, and average of numbers in an array.


Final Game

This is my final project for GITA 2. It's a tile-based game where you try to survive the wilderness.

More Coming Soon!

Check back for my next project!